Prolux 2.0 Cordless Bagless Backpack Vacuum with 1 hour Lithium Ion Battery

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Prolux 2.0 Cordless Bagless Backpack Vacuum with 1 hour Lithium Ion Battery

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387% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED (Yep, no typo. We mean it)


If you have never used a backpack vacuum cleaner before you have to try it! The Prolux 2.0 Backpack Vacuum is unrivaled! This is the worlds first and only Cordless, bagless backpack vacuum and Prolux's Patented 2.0 Bagless Technology DOES NOT sacrifice power or durability!

    Cordless Prolux 2.0  - New brush-less motor, 8 pounds, Comes with two batteries for a total run time of 1 hour. Each has 30 minutes of run time for continuous use in between charging, comfortable carry, NO BAGS! NO CORDS! easy to use tools, adjustable, thick, padded straps and looks just enough like a jet pack that you may be able to talk your kids into vacuuming for you.
    New Patented Bagless Tech -  2.0 technology has revolutionizing the cleaning world! 40% more efficient than previous bagless tech, "Vortex Chamber" & self cleaning filter keeps fine dust away from the filter which prevents clogs, virtually eliminating filter clogs that plague most other brands.
    Industry Leading Straps - Meticulously tested and designed for optimum comfort and fit on any body type. These are no off the shelf straps we just slapped on, these straps were custom designed and built to work on this exact vacuum.
    Convenient - A bagless vacuum is almost always more convenient than bagged vacuums, but Prolux took this concept a step further by creating a Cordless version!
    Filtration - 3-Stage Filtration give you piece of mind that the dirt you just worked so hard to pick up, stays in your vacuum and out of your home.
    Power - With an industry leading 70+ CFM of power, you will never go back to anything less again! This vacuum can almost pick up anything in your home... Anything.  -P.S. - Most battery powered vac only have about 45 CFM:(



    Tools For Every Job - Quickly knock out all of your cleaning needs with 70+ CFM and Prolux commercial grade 35 mm tools.
    Quiet and Powerful - Just because something is powerful doesn't mean it needs to be loud. Prolux acknowledges this and offers superior power without the need for earplugs.
    Hard To Reach Areas - Crevice tool, duster brush and telescopic wand gives you everything needed to clean corners, walls, ceilings, fans and more.
    3-Stage Filtration - The 2.0 uses two HEPA filters & Cyclonic filtration technology. Dust will NOT find its way to your motor or air. period.
     Versatility - Cordless, Adjustable backpack straps and telescopic wand ensures proper fit for nearly any user. You will find yourself using this more than you knew you would.
    Designed and developed in the USA


The warranty is the best part of buying this vacuum. This is how it works: We love our vacuums but once its yours we never want to see it again.

    Warranty - 5 Year Motor, 3 Year Body residential warranty.
    60 day Money Back Guarantee......We are so confident you will LOVE your Vacuum that you can send it back for any reason within 60 days of purchase.

Customer Reviews

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Commercial vacume review

I absolutely love my new vacume the amount of unseen dirt it picks up is amazing. I went to ckean the filter and to my amazement it was packed with fine dirt you cant see on the carpet the larger particles gather in the main catcher I was very much blown away at how much dirt that wasnt being collected by my other conventional vacumes. Worth EVERY PENNY!

Not Happy At All

So I received my $500.00 prolux only to find there is no vacuum head for carpet. It clearly shows a combi tool for hard floors and carpet with a button to change the head from one to the other. After many emails and two wrong replacement parts I now have 3 hard floor only vacuum heads. Why is this so difficult? I've sent pictures of what I keep receiving and ProLux still can't get it right. I want what I paid for! I'm normally a nice person but it's been several weeks now and I can't even use the vacuum cleaner as I have carpet. Hopefully this will reach management and a human will reach out to me. Ive left message after message on the phone number listed but no one ever calls back. Why do you leave a message saying you will call back if clearly you won't. I just left a message that I want to return the vacuum so we'll see if that gets anyones attention.

Bilinda Fulk

Cord freedom is very nice

Have used both traditional and central vacuum systems and it's really nice to be free from something dragging behind you. The weight of this unit is comfortable and the battery life is plenty for normal use on hardwood floors. I have not tried the unit on carpet.

My largest concern when researching battery vacuums was the suction but this unit has no issues, there is plenty of suction. No issues.
The power switch is reachable while wearing the unit once you know where to reach.

The unit was shipped missing one of the attachments but the absolutely fantastic support team at Prolux remedied that issue very quickly.
Overall initial impression is excellent.


I am a bit of a vacuum happy with my Miele but need something more portable. I LOVE MY NEW PROLUX! No banging into walls dragging a too short cords....but great suction. Can do my whole house in 15 min. One beater head so best for hard woods/tile/window sills.

Awesome product

Very easy to use in my home. I wish the hose had different lengths would be the only change I would make. As it is quite long, it can bunch up.and knock over thinks, so just be aware of that, is all i would add.