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Prolux CTX ELITE Water Filtration Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner w/ Prolux Storm Shampooer Kit

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Looking for a vacuum built in America with a LIFETIME warranty and amazing deep cleaning power? Want a vacuum that not only attacks dirt and allergens but uses UV light and Nano Silver technology to kill Mold, Bacteria and Viruses? Introducing the Prolux CTX Bagless Water Vacuum and Air Purifier!

The Prolux CTX is designed to deep clean your floors, couches and air by first deep cleaning your floors with its amazing 130 CFM 2 speed Itilian motor (most bagless vacuums only have 75 CFM of cleaning power). As it sucks up tons of stuff left by your old vacuum it exposes it to water, Nano Silver anti-bacterial tech, and 280nm of UV light! Leaving clean fresh air exiting your vacuum. After your floors and upholstery have been deep cleaned you can run the low speed Air Purifier Mode for quiet cleaning of your air. Use the Prolux CTX to improve your air and your health. 

WATER PICKUP & FILTRATION - The Prolux CTX uses water filtration which means you will never have to buy expensive bags and filters again. Spilled milk? No problem the Prolux CTX is designed to vacuum up wet spills. Want to shampoo carpets? Scrub your tile? No problem with the optional Prolux Storm shampooer and tile cleaner you can do it all. It also comes with the upholstery shampooer which allows you to shampoo your couches or upholstery.

QUALITY VACUUM MADE IN AMERICA - When was the last time you owned a QUALITY vacuum? Like something you can be pass onto your kids quality? Something you can feel proud of and know you're helping support jobs in the US? While most of the CTX parts come from companies in North America and is built by Prolux in the high mountains of Utah, the motor comes from Italy and the power nozzle comes Germany (we were simply looking for the absolute best quality parts available). Lifetime Warranty? Of course. Free Returns within 61 days including return shipping? No problem. We are that confident you'll absolutely love the Prolux CTX! When the Prolux CTX was designed we wanted you to look back years later and say "Wow I am so glad I bought this".

The Prolux Storm is a commercial grade self-contained carpet shampoo system that will offer professional results without professional costs!

  • Fits Prolux CTX Vacuums - This Prolux Storm shampoo system is designed to work with the Prolux CTX vacuum.
  • Compact & lightweight Perfect solution for quick and easy carpet shampooing.
  • Easily erase dirt  - This unit will knock out the dirt and grime on your carpets quickly and effectively.
  • Self Contained - Simply fill the tank with hot water and cleaning solution, flip the switch and your CTX vacuum will take care of the rest!
  • Floating Brush Roll - Floating brush roll moves up and down on its own moving to the required brush roll height for any job.
  • Any Surface - The Prolux Storm cleans exceptionally on carpet and hard floor surfaces alike.
  • Warranty - 2 Year Warranty on the entire unit.

Shipping & Returns

Free Shipping in Lower 48 states and 61 day hassle free returns!

Specs and Warranty


* Lifetime Warranty - Register your vac at no charge and you’re covered for the life of the vacuum, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!
* 2 Speed Italian Motor - High quality dual speed motor allows you to not only clean your floors, but also clean your air with the low speed air purification setting
* Built in America - Designed and built in America
* Bagless Water Filtration - 2 words, NO BAGS!! Never buy another bag again and get the best filter money can buy. Nothing filters better than water, so the CTX is great for pet owners and allergy sufferers
* Kills Viruses and Bacteria - Lab tested and proven Nano Silver water bowl lining and UV light kill both viruses and bacteria as they enter the water bowl. What does this mean? Nothing but clean fresh air coming back into your home
* Wet Pickup - Knock over a drink or have an accidental spill? No problem just use your wet pick up hose to suck up the spill and dump the bowl
* Optional Carpet Shampooer - Not only does the CTX vacuum and purify it can also be used as a carpet shampooer with the optional Prolux Storm shampooer
* Power Nozzle - German made Wessel Werk EBK360 is one of the best heads on the market. Many high end brands use the Wessel Werk style heads as their main head choice
* 17lbs
* 130 CFM (High Speed)
* Bagless/Filterless - 3 Stage of Filtration
* 30ft Cleaning Radius

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm. For more information, go to


Operating instructions & Manuals

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Stephen Hedrick (Inwood, US)
great value

The Prolux CTX is a very good cleaning machine. I could not believe the difference it made in our home!
The package should have included a small cleaning brush for cleaning the separator and a better power cord holder may need to be designed for storage.
Other than those two small minor things, it really cleans well!
The powerhead pulls a bit more than we are use to, but it does the job!

Very pleased
great value

Our home was in need of a new vacuum cleaner, we completed online bagless/water collection types of vacuums research and decided to try the Prolux CTX. Due to reading all the excellent reviews we purchased one. The Prolux CTX met and exceeded our expectations! We even bought one for our son and his family for a Christmas gift - they are very pleased as well! Bagless/canister type vacuums do not trap the fine particles as the CTX does, since the particles are trapped in the water and cannot escape! All the other features and accessories work really well. We like the longer hoses and the air purification mode on the unit. We can even see the difference in air quality within our home. The price point made the decision better as well - great value! Thanks again for providing us with this machine!

Erik Carlson (Buffalo, US)
The CXT Is Awesome & Love It

Once you get a water vacuum you'll never want to go back to a regular vacuum again, unless you're lazy. It's so easy to use the CTX and not as complicated as I've seen a few people make it out to be. Putting it together is easy. You have a base with 4 wheel, set the water container on top of the base and the vacuum motor on top of the container. Plug the hose into the vacuum, plug the handle into the metal wand and plug the wand into the electric vacuum head. That's it. After you're done cleaning, it's kind of satisfying knowing that all the dust didn't go back into the air. I wish I had bought this years ago. It also has a ton of attachments.

You must empty the water container after you're done using it. Don't wait until the following day or longer. It will smell worse than a swamp, even if it's clean water. The CTX is not a vacuum for lazy people. If you're lazy, buy another model.

In all honesty, I did have a small problem with the wand when I first got it. I sent them a detailed email of the problem and I got a response from Kyle within a few hours. He addressed all my questions, was honest and genuine. 4 business days later I got the new part and the problem was solved. I strongly recommend you email them if you have an issue. Based on that interaction, I decided to buy the Storm Carpet shampoo system and Air Purifier.

Why should you buy from Prolux? They might be a smaller company compared to the competition but in my opinion I believe I got better service with more care than I would from another company. The CTX is decent quality and it's a US company. If you decide to buy anything from Prolux, consider buying direct instead of a certain juggernaut online store that takes a cut of the profit and offers nothing more than faster shipping.

Alecia Stordahl (Minneapolis, US)
Great service

I received my prolux CTX bag less with shampooer. It all works well. The only issue I had was with the shampooer, it wasn’t working properly. I notified prolux and was pleasantly happy how quickly they had responded. They sent me out a new one and this one works. I am super happy with my product and the wonderful customer service. Thank you! I love how great my house feels after I clean and I have five fur babies. Thank you Prolux!

Clean Air no Filters

I have used Water vacuums for the last 40 years. I recently purchased the Prolux and continue to be amazed at the dirt in the water. I like the fact that I have a small beater bar attachment for the staircase. The hoses are light weight which is good for older users. I vacuum almost everything from window sills, baseboards, furniture and floors because I like to remove dust not just move it around. I have dust allergies so this is important to me. I constantly tell my friends how much I like the water vac.