Test Copy of 10 pack of bags for Prolux 10qt Backpack Vacuum

100% Money Back Guarantee

When was the last time you owned a QUALITY vacuum? Like something you can pass onto your kids quality? Something you can feel proud of and know you're helping support jobs in the US? Lifetime Warranty? Of course. Free Returns within 61 days including return shipping? No problem! We are that confident you'll absolutely love the Prolux CTX! When the Prolux CTX was designed we wanted you to look back years later and say "Wow I am so glad I bought this!".

Save big with Factory Direct Pricing!

$1399.00 today only $999.99

when you buy direct.

Best Vacuum Out There

I have had this vacuum several months now and have used it LOTS! I love it!! I have owned so many different kinds of vacuum's in my life, a lot of different brands, some were water vacuum's and some were for pets but I have never had one like this one. I could not believe all the dirt and pet hair I got using it the first time, second time, third time and on and on. Each time I vacuum I think I wont get much dirt, BUT I keep getting it, pet hair not so much now but it's still there. But all the dirt and STUFF out of the carpet, it's amazing but makes me know all my others were NOT cleaning like I thought they were. AND customer service here is GREAT!! If you are thinking of getting this vacuum don't think anymore, just get you, you will love it, I am quite sure.


built in america

I know crazy right? The plastic parts, the hose, the wand all are made by North American suppliers.  We even build them right in the Prolux Factory located in the Rocky Mountains of Utah!

Built to clean!

We are so confident you will love the Prolux CTX that it comes with a LIFETIME warranty, 60 day return window, FREE shipping and if you don't love it we even pay for return shipping so it does not cost you a penny!

Buy Direct and Save BIG!

Normally retails for $1399 but when you buy direct from the factory its only $999.99!

To be fair though not everything is made in North America.

For example, the 2-speed motor is made by a company in Italy (think Lamborghini quality) and the power nozzle is made by a German company (think Porche quality). At Prolux we designed the CTX to last decades and so we just want the BEST parts!


Anti-Viral Tech to clean your air!

This model of Prolux vacuum demonstrated, through independent laboratory testing, to be effective at removing 99.99% airborne Bacteria. Using water, 280nm of UV light, and Nano Silver tech it is designed to clean the air of dirt, dust, pet hair, bacteria and more!

Did we tell you about Air Purifier Mode yet?

Yes the Prolux CTX is a vacuum, air purifier, and shampooer (3 in 1 cleaner). It comes with a 2-speed Italian motor. Low Speed is "Air Purifier Mode" where it quietly cleans the air. Simply remove the hose, fill it with water, plug it in, turn on air purifier mode and walk away!

Other Features:


130 CFM of suction power - 2 speed motor (Air Purifier Mode & Vacuum Mode) - 3 in 1 Cleaner (Vacuum, Air Purifier, Shampooer) - 280nm of UV light - Nano Silver anti bacterial water bowl - 3 stage bagless water filtration - weighs 15 lbs - 30 foot cord/ cleaning radius - Optional Carpet Shampooer & Tile Cleaner.  

Attachments include:   Electric hose, Wet tool hose, 2 extension wands, Crevice tool, Upholstery tool, Duster Brush (with soft horse hair bristles), Hardwood Floor tool (with horse hair bristles), Squeegee Floor Tool (for water pickup), Mini Head Pet Upholstery tool (great for stairs, upholstery and pet hair), 2 smell good bottles of fragrances (just a few drops in your water while your cleaning makes your house smell wonderful), and handheld upholstery shampooer / sprayer attachment.  

*- If you would like the version with the Carpet Shampooer and Humidifier scroll to the bottom of this page.

Are you ready for a challenge that will blow your mind? Are you sure?

Purchase the Prolux CTX and it will ship within 24 hours. Not to worry if you don't love it for any reason within the first 61 days we will refund 100% of your money and even cover all shipping costs.

When the Prolux CTX arrives at your home do not open the box just yet :)

Instead, first, take your current vacuum you own and vacuum really really good

Now vacuum your home with your new Prolux CTX (remember you just vacuumed with your old vacuum).

WARNING! - if you consider yourself a clean person you might not like what comes next!  Its time to see how much your old vacuum left behind!

Before you judge her too harshly on her "dirty house" you should probably know a few things :)

  • 1. This is an image from an actual customer who bought this vacuum.
  • 2. She described herself as a "clean freak" and vacuumed daily!
  • 3. Yours will probably look much worse :)

...but only the first few times you vacuum. Once it gets up all the dirt, allergens, pet hair, bacteria and more your old vacuum left behind your floors will be MUCH cleaner :)

How much is your vacuum leaving behind? Take the challenge today! Think your vacuum cleans great? Don't love the Prolux CTX for any reason? No problem just send it back! We even pay for return shipping so you get our 100% money-back guarantee!

Would you like the Prolux CTX with a Carpet Shampooer & Tile Cleaning attachment?