When was the last time you owned a QUALITY vacuum? Like something you can pass onto your kids quality? Something you can feel proud of and know you're helping support jobs in the US?  Free Returns within 61 days? No problem! We are that confident you'll absolutely love your Prolux cleaning appliance! When the Prolux vacuums was designed we wanted you to look back years later and say "Wow I am so glad I bought this!".

Floor Scrubbers & Buffers

Floor Buffers/ Cleaners

Floor Buffers/ Cleaners

Tired of those cheap lightweight "Floor Cleaners" that don't actually clean?   Tired... 

  • Prolux Canister Vacuums

    Lightweight, Powerful Deep Cleaners, HEPA Filtration and US Engineered to last decades!

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  • Virus Killing Air Purifiers

    Air purifiers that kill 99% of airborne Viruses and Bacteria.

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  • Anti Allergen HEPA Bagged Prolux Uprights

    H HEPA Filtration (the best), HEPA bags, sealed filtration & by pass motor tech make Prolux uprights a must see!

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1/2 the weight & 2x faster - Worlds only Bagless Backpack Vacuum!

Bagless Backpack Vacuums

Bagless Backpack Vacuums

When Prolux set out to invent the worlds only bagless backpack vacuum... 

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  • Other guys bags

    Only 2 layer paper bags (inferior filtration).

  • Prolux Bags

    Prolux uses 5 layer HEPA bags (same material used in N95 Masks) for superior filtration against allergies and for healthy air.

About Prolux

Why would a group of USA Engineers and Vacuum Experts go head to head against Chinese corporations that control the vacuum industry?

They laughed at us when we told them we wanted to make quality appliances...

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