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Prolux Storm Shampooer

Prolux Storm Shampooer

Finally a carpet cleaner that fits any water vacuum

Friday, February 5, 2016 11:24:40 AM America/Denver

Carpet Shampooers and Tile Cleaners are interesting cleaning appliances. Sometimes they don't appear to clean anything and sometimes they clean really well. At my home one time I noticed in our hallways we had dirty trails in the carpet. I used 5 different brands of shampooers before I was able to get all the stains out. What did I learn from that experience?

That the more powerful the suction, the better the shampooer cleans

So our idea for the Prolux Storm shampooer is based on that. Our goal was to create a shampooer AND tile cleaner that would connect to and fit with any Wet/Dry or Water Vacuum Cleaner. Why? Because those are some of the most powerful deep cleaning vacuums in the world.



For example if you go down to your local hardware store and check out the suction power on a Wet/Dry shop vacuum you will notice that they have incredible power. While a good high end commercial shampooer is usually over $700 this would allow you to have a shampooer and tile cleaner that cleans just as good if not better for a fraction of the price.

The Prolux Storm has a setting for deep cleaning carpet and a setting for cleaning tile. It is designed to attach to nearly any wet/dry or water vacuum. It can attach to Brands like ShopVac, Ridgid, Stanley, Stinger, VacMaster, Rainbow, Hyla, Robot, Ocean Blue, Prolux, ProAqua, Ritello just to name a few. How it works is if you have a canister vacuum cleaner that is rated for water pickup then the Prolux Storm has a large container where your hot water and cleaning solution go into. Then as you clean with it, it sprays and injects the cleaning solution onto your floor. The spinning scrubbing brushroll automatically adjusts to the height of your floor providing maximum scrubbing (like if you're going from carpet to tile or to drop down and clean the grout in the tile). Then the suction from your vacuum sucks up the dirty water into the vacuum.

If your wet/dry water vacuum is not equipped with a water rated electrical hose that is no problem. As you can see from the image below the Patent Pending Prolux hose is designed for a non-electrical standard hose to connect to the hose. Then the Prolux hose has a cord that attaches to the vacuum or wall outlet to safely get power. This is the secret ingredient that allows the Prolux Storm to fit nearly any water based vacuum.

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