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Prolux Tritan Canister Vacuum with Sealed HEPA Filtration and 12 Amp Motor

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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm. For more information, go to

See told you we were serious about you being 387% satisfied!  

Customer Reviews

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C.K. (Metamora, US)

Received my order a few hours ago and am impressed by it's build quality. I had fun testing it's capabilities afterwards. It did very well. Loved how well it cleans our carpets and hardwood floors! I sure hope this vacuum cleaner will last us many years as it does what it is made to do and more. Just one remark, I didn't receive the clip that should hold the attachments to the tube.

P.D. (Estero, US)
Great for the size

This is a great vacuum for the size. Very light weight and quite. Easy to move around and lift up.

J.K. (Greensboro, US)
No Complaints After Using For The First Time

I can only offer my first impressions at this time, because I just received this product today, and used it for the first time. Like any new item that replaces an old item, it will have an adjustment period. I'll have to get used to the stiff curve in the hose where the extension tube (REAL METAL) attaches -- I'm used to a more flexible hose at that junction, which allows me to create my own angles freely, whereas the hose on this vacuum cleaner is rigid at a set angle. As for its power to pick up, I like the adjustable suction, which I placed at two-thirds strength, which is already twice as much suction as my old vacuum cleaner had. Overall, It has a nice selection of tools, it is a good size, the retractable cord works well. My only constructive criticism would be for the company to make the instruction manual a bit more detailed by explaining EXACTLY where to find the motor filter (it's in the same compartment as the bag). The locations of the other filters were very clear. Also there are a couple of buttons for which there is no explanation in the instruction manual. And the font size used in the printed instruction manual is way too small. The font size on the instruction insert, however, is much more reasonably sized for reading. So, at this point, I'll still give it five stars, because what's most important is that it has good suction, and I foresee it continuing to work. I'm satisfied with the purchase.

W.R. (Riverdale Park, US)
love the vacuum, however I cannot get replacement bags OR get a phone call returned

shitty customer service

Happy Customer (Summerton, US)
My Hero!!

Finally a vacuum that does it all! I love the power behind this vacuum and the ease of using it. It reaches all those places my other vacuums couldn’t. I love my new Tritan so much I bought my mother-in-law one for Christmas.


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Specs and Warranty


ATTACHMENTS- (will come with all attachments pictured)

    • Tools for every job - Tool kit includes crevice tool, duster brush, floor tool and upholstery tool.
    • Hard to reach areas - Includes everything needed to clean corners, walls, ceilings, fans and more.
    •  Telescopic Wand  - Easily reaches high areas and can be set to the perfect height for nearly any user.
    • Floor Tool - Features a push button that allows you to easily switch between floor types.

    DETAILS - (Specs)

    • 15 Pounds.
    • 140 CFM and Sealed HEPA Technology.
    • Designed and developed in the USA.
    • 32 foot cleaning radius.
    • Cord automatically returns inside of the unit and head mounts to rear of canister.

    Operating instructions & Manuals


    3 Stages of filtration including sealed HEPA filtration will keep dust from entering your air.



    Easily choose the amount of suction you need for each job by using the convenient knob on the top of the vacuum.



    • Metal Wand
    • Spinning Brush Roll Tool
    • Multi-Surface Floor Tool
    • Tool Caddy
    • Pivotable Duster Brush
    • Upholstery Tool
    • Micron Bags
    • Crush Resistant Hose



    Lightweight canister vacuum with incredible suction. Not to mention how easy it is to maneuver around your house!


    Prolux Tritan Canister Vacuum

    Lightweight & Easy to Use!

    The Prolux Tritan is a powerful deep cleaning vacuum cleaner that is designed to clean carpet, rugs, hardwood floors, tile and more! With its on board tools, rubber wheels that will protect your floors and self-retracting cord it’s incredibly simple and easy to use

    • 140 CFM and Sealed HEPA Technology
    • 15 Pounds
    • 32 foot cleaning radius
    • Cord automatically returns inside of the unit and head mounts to rear of canister
    • Designed and developed in the USA
    Prolux...Cleaning Reinvented!

    At Prolux our Engineers design about 7 new models of cleaning appliances per year. Our mission at Prolux is to make your life easier. We know that no one likes to clean (well almost no one) & you want to get back to spending time with those you love! At Prolux we don't believe in making cheap disposable cleaners like most other vacuum companies. Instead our goal is for you to pull your cleaner out of your closet a decade from now and say "Wow I am so glad I bought this!".

    • USA Owned and Operated!
    prolux canister vacuum prolux canister vacuum prolux canister vacuum prolux canister vacuum
    Prolux Tritan Canister Prolux iFORCE Canister Vacuum Prolux TerraVac Canister Vaqcuum Prolux CTX Water Filtration Canister Vacuum
    CFM 140 CFM 98 CFM 107 CFM 130 CFM
    Weight 15 lbs 10 lbs 14 lbs 17 lbs
    Bagless X X
    Filtration HEPA HEPA HEPA Water
    Tool Kit Included
    Factory Service Period 1 Year Bumper to Bumper 3 Year Motor 3 Year Motor & 2 Year Bumper to Bumper Lifetime