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Prolux C430BN Cordless Commercial Micro Dual Brush Floor Cleaner, Scrubber and Buffer

Prolux C430BN Cordless Commercial Micro Dual Brush Floor Cleaner, Scrubber and Buffer

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    350 RPM




    1 Gal


    1.7 Gal

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Included in the box

  • Floor Buffer Unit - 9"
  • C430BN Blue Brush x 2
  • C430BN Red Pads x 2
  • C430BN Pad Holders x 2
  • C430BN Battery Charger
  • C430BN Battery

Prolux C430BN Cordless Commercial Micro Dual Brush Floor Cleaner, Scrubber and Buffer

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Product Description

Are you a professional cleaner?  Do you have a true commercial space and need an industrial grade solution to quickly clean up any messes?  Looking for something to clean concrete, tile or hardfloor surfaces that quickly and easily gets around furniture or narrow aisles?  Introducing the Prolux C430BN Micro Floor Scrubber with dual brushes and an impressive 2 hours of run time before it needs to be charged again!  What makes this such a powerful piece of equipment is the fact that it can spray cleaning solution, scrub or buff your floors AND suck up the solution or spill.  All in one pass!  With its unique pivoting system and handle it easily takes tight corners and can get in tight spaces and around furniture.   Easy to use rolling wheels make it easy to transport or move to job site.  

•    C430BN 9" Battery-Powered Floor Scrubber comes with everything needed to get you cleaning once it's delivered. Complete set of parts including Batteries, Charger, Medium Duty Brush and Red Light Duty Pad w/ Pad Holder.

•    Brushless scrubbing and suction motors mean they'll NEVER wear out

•    The C430BN is suitable for the majority of hard floors such as tiled floors, marble floors, epoxy floors, PVC floors, emery floors, terrazzo floors, concrete floors, etc.

•    DEEP CLEAN: When it comes to ease and reliability, look no further than this 9" floor scrubber! With a 18 inch cleaning path, 17 inch squeegee path and up to 2hr runtime, you are guaranteed to scrub away even the worst messes!

•    SO easy to Use. Simply turn on the machine and select which setting you want to use.  Fool proof control pad so you'll always know what setting you're using. 

•    Easy assembly and start up you'll be cleaning floors in no time! 


100% usa
owned & Operated

Prolux is one of the only vacuum brands in the world that is 100% USA owned and operated.

Looking for a cheap vacuum?
The type that doesn’t deep clean and dies every 2 years? Yeah, that’s not us.

Thank you for the awesome Prolux Vacuum. It literally has enough power to suck the core out of the earth! As a mom of 4 kids, you have no idea how helpful this is. - email from actual customer

Yeah, that’s us.

Customer Reviews

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Eric K (Salt Lake City, US)
My New Best Friend

This is such a great little scrubber! Everything is so easy to use, and it's super maneuverable. I was able to get all the cramped corners in our bathrooms and kitchen with no trouble at all. Plus, it uses magnets to keep the brushes in place, which makes it so much easier to change from a brush to a pad if I need to. The battery life is great too! I spent over an hour cleaning and didn't even need to recharge. The best part is that I didn't have to wait for the floors to dry, since it vacuums all of the cleaning water as you go. Definitely beats the old mops and buckets and wet floor signs!

Jim Johnson (West Jordan, US)
Portable and powerful

This has been working great in our warehouse, it's perfect for our bathroom floors and breakroom floors. We were doing it by hand before and this is 5x faster and 5x easier, with better results.