Prolux Dealer Terms and Conditions

Please take the time to read the Prolux Dealer Terms and Conditions in full as you will have to agree to these terms and abide by them.

1.   As an authorized Prolux dealer you agree to abide by MAP pricing.   You agree to never advertise the products below MAP pricing.   Map Pricing is the price of the product on the official Prolux website ( minus 10%.   For example if the product is listed on for $100 then MAP pricing would be $90.   Advertising the product without a price is a violation of our MAP pricing.   For example ways of getting around MAP like "Click to add to cart to see price" and other similar ploys is a violation of the Prolux Map Policy.   From time to time promotions are done (for example a Black Friday promotion) but these promotions are temporary and the price will also reflect on   Prolux does record serial numbers of products it ships out and reserves the right to purchase products from MAP violators.   As an authorized Prolux dealer you understand and agree that if you are caught violating this MAP policy your account will immediately be canceled and permanently banned from selling Prolux products.

2.  As an authorized Prolux dealer you agree to only sell to the end user.   Selling to a 3rd party, a reseller, another company or person who is not the end user, is strictly prohibited.   Prolux Dealers are not permitted to sell Prolux products on third-party channels, such as,, etc.  However Prolux Dealers are permitted to sell Prolux Products via their own websites, social media channels etc. 

3.  As an authorized Prolux dealer you agree to provide service and warranty work to your customers who have bought Prolux products from you.   Prolux agrees to sell parts to any active authorized Prolux dealer so you may provide service and warranty work.

4.  As an authorized Prolux dealer you agree to professional standards of conduct that will always show Prolux and their products in a professional positive manner.  Any Prolux dealer who conducts business in a manner that is illegal, immoral, or unscrupulous behavior shall be immediately terminated as a Prolux dealer.  You will also be required to advertise Prolux products accurately and without exaggeration of the facts and specs.   In the event of this happening the dealer agrees to ship all current products back to Prolux within 2 business days.

5.  Authorized Prolux Dealers agree and understand that they will only ship and sell Prolux products within the United States & Canada.   All other sales must be approved in writing by Prolux before completing the sale.   This must be followed for safety and other reasons as different countries use different voltage. 

6.  As an authorized Prolux dealer you agree and understand the terms of this document and understand the violation of any of these terms and conditions will result in an immediate cancelation as a Prolux dealer.   In the event of this happening Prolux will notify you in writing within 30 days.  Our goal at Prolux is to find professional dealers and partnering with businesses that will help us meet the needs of our market by communicating the quality and value of the Prolux brand.

Thank You Prolux