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Prolux 2.0 Commercial Bagless Backpack Vacuum with Deluxe 1 1/2 inch Tool Kit

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PROLUX 2.0 BAGLESS BACKPACK VACUUM PRO! If you have never used a bagless backpack vacuum cleaner before you have to try it! The Prolux 2.0 Backpack Vacuum is unrivaled! This is the worlds first and only bagless backpack vacuum and Prolux's Patented 2.0 Bagless Technology DOES NOT sacrifice power or durability! Give this vacuum a shot and we KNOW you will be asking, "HOW DID THEY DO THIS!?"

  • Commercial Prolux 2.0 - 9 pounds, comfortable carry, NO BAGS! easy to use tools, adjustable, thick, padded straps and looks just enough like a jet pack that you may be able to talk your kids into vacuuming for you.
  • New Patented Bagless Tech - 2.0 technology is revolutionizing the cleaning world! 40% more efficient than previous bagless tech, "Vortex Chamber" & self cleaning filter keeps fine dust away from the filter which prevents clogs. Virtually eliminating filter clogs that plague most other brands.
  • Industry Leading Straps - Meticulously tested and designed for optimum comfort and fit on any body type. These are no off the shelf straps we just slapped on, these straps were custom designed and built to work on this exact vacuum.
  • Convenient - Adjustable wand, adjustable straps, on-board tool storage, and of course its bagless. Never spend money on bags again!  The 2.0 can adjust to any user any size and will handle any job.
  • Filtration - 3-Stage Filtration give you peace of mind that the dirt you just worked so hard to pick up, stays in your vacuum and out of your air.
  • Power - With an industry leading 125+ CFM of power, you will never go back to anything less again! This vacuum can almost pick up anything you encounter... Anything.  -P.S. - Most vacs only have about 80 CFM :(
  • Optional Power Nozzle Kit - Optional Prolux electric power nozzle kit. This kit comes with telescopic wand, electric hose and power nozzle loaded with features.
WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm. For more information, go to

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Specs and Warranty



  • Tools For Every Job - Quickly knock out all of your cleaning jobs with 125+ CFM, Prolux commercial grade 1-1/2" standard hose and 7 piece tool kit & pet hair eliminating mini turbo head.
  • Quiet and Powerful - Just because something is powerful doesn't mean it needs to be loud. Prolux acknowledges this and offers superior power without the need for earplugs.
  • Hard To Reach Areas - Crevice tool, duster brush and telescopic wand gives you everything needed to clean corners, walls, ceilings, fans and more.
  • 3-Stage Filtration - The 2.0 uses two HEPA filters & Cyclonic filtration technology. Dust will NOT find its way to your motor or air. period.
  • 0.64L Dust Receptacle Capacity
  • Versatility - Adjustable backpack straps and telescopic wand ensures proper fit for nearly any user. You will find yourself using this more than you knew you would.
  • Designed and developed in the USA
  • Power Nozzle Tool Kit - If you have a lot of carpet, this kit is for you! Optional power nozzle kit is available to convert the Prolux 2.0 into a carpet cleaning machine. Shag carpet never stood a chance :)


The warranty is the best part of buying this vacuum. This is how it works: We love our vacuums but once its yours we never want to see it again.

  • Warranty - 3 Year Motor, 3 Year Body warranty.
  • 60 day Money Back Guarantee......We are so confident you will LOVE your Vacuum that you can send it back for any reason within 60 days of purchase.
  • We don't sweat the small stuff - Why is it when you go to use your warranty you notice it expired the day before?! Its like they have a button they push the day after your warranty expires! !@#$% Not here at Prolux! Go over your Warranty by a few days? No problem we still have you covered.
  • We only sale products we trust - Here at Prolux we can offer great warranties because we take pride in our development process and the products we manufacture and sale. Prolux spends endless hours ensuring every product manufactured or sold by us is tested thoroughly for convenience, ease of use and longevity!
  • Prolux stocks parts for every vacuum we sale - Knock your vacuum down the stairs and break a part? Dog decide that your hose was tasty!? Don't worry we have all the parts you need for any vacuum we sale.
  • Prolux Cost for parts - Sometimes a small thing breaks on your vacuum. Its not worth sending your vacuum back for repair. For example lets say years go by and your brush roll wears out. Instead of sending your whole vacuum back to get it fixed we will just sell you a new brush roll at cost!

Operating instructions & Manuals


The Prolux 2.0 Bagless Backpack Vacuum is the world's very first Commercial Grade Bagless Backpack Vacuum! This high quality bagless vacuum cleaner is 40% more powerful and 30% lighter than standard vacuums! Weighing only 9lbs, this vacuum is a breeze to use.



This revolutionary Bagless Backpack Vacuum comes with a self cleaning filter and a washable HEPA filter! This bagless design requires next to no maintenance.



  • Floor Brush and Squeegee Tool
  • Multi-Surface Floor Tool
  • Duster
  • Crevice Tool
  • Upholstery Tools
  • High End Vacuum Hose
  • Adjusting Telescopic Wand



The Prolux 2.0 is made with a separate "Vortex Chamber" that forces fine dust away from the filters. This solves the dust problem that many bagless vacuums have!


Prolux 2.0 Lightweight Commercial Bagless Backpack Vacuum

Bagless & Easy to Use!

Weighing in at only 9lbs, you won’t have any issues carrying this lightweight Backpack Vacuum Cleaner! This intuitively designed backpack vacuum reduces strain and increases productivity! It doesn’t matter if you’re tall or short, this vacuum will work for you! The height adjustable telescopic wand ensures that all of our customers will be able to easily use this vacuum. Prolux's Bagless Backpack Vacuum Cleaner also features a canister that collects dust, dirt and debris as you vacuum your home.

  • 125 CFM
  • Includes a 50ft Commercial Grade extension cord
  • Zero loss of suction design allows the user to clean in one pass (instead of two)
  • Separate "Vortex Chamber" that forces fine dust away from the filters
  • Designed and developed in the USA
Prolux...Cleaning Reinvented!

At Prolux our Engineers design about 7 new models of cleaning appliances per year. Our mission at Prolux is to make your life easier. We know that no one likes to clean (well almost no one) & you want to get back to spending time with those you love! At Prolux we don't believe in making cheap disposable cleaners like most other vacuum companies. Instead our goal is for you to pull your cleaner out of your closet a decade from now and say "Wow I am so glad I bought this!".

Prolux 2.0 Lightweight Commercial Bagless Backpack Vacuum Prolux 2.0 Lightweight Commercial Bagless Backpack Vacuum Prolux Lightweight Commercial Bagless Backpack Vacuum prolux
Prolux 2.0 Bagless Commercial Backpack Vacuum Prolux 1 Hour Battery Backpack Vacuum Prolux 2.0 Bagless Backpack Vacuum Prolux 10 Quart Black Commercial Backpack Vacuum
Intended Use Commercial/Industrial Use Commercial/Industrial Use Residential & Industrial Use Commercial/Industrial Use
Tool Kit 1 1/2" Tool Kit 1 1/2" Tool Kit 1 1/2" Tool Kit 1 1/2" Tool Kit
Weight 9 lbs 11 lbs 9 lbs 11 lbs
CFM 125 75 125 150
Battery Operated X X X
Cord Type Comercial Grade Extension (50 ft) N/A Residential (35 ft) Comercial Grade Extension (50 ft)
Bagless X
HEPA SHIELD Dual Filtration
Water Lift
Factory Service Period 3 Years 5 Year Motor, 3 Year Body 5 Year Motor, 3 Year Body 5 Years for Residential, and 2 Years for Commercial use

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Swayed our company from our previous brand!

I have a cleaning company going on 8 years, and have been a die hard Dyson fan. Wanting to try something else that was a backpack version, we stumbled upon Prolux and their backpack vacuum. The first 2 weeks it put the previous vacuums i have used to shame. It was like the carpets were never vacuumed!! pulled out so much dirt and hair i was pretty embarrassed that's how they were left with the competitors vacuum. Will definitely be with Prolux for life!

Country Gal
Awesome work tool!

I’ve had my 2.0 backpack vacuum for a few months now. And I love it more all the time. Being a very long haired cocker spaniel owner, I had not found any other machine that had the power to keep up with the hair. My Prolux does and even more. It’s easy to operate and to clean up when the work time is complete. Living out in the country with lots of dust and trees, there is plenty of power for this as well! So, thank you for a great helping machine! Dona from Enumclaw, WA

Great canister vacuum plenty of suction

The canister vacuum has plenty of suction and is light weight. The attachments are easy to swap out. The pet upholstery attachment works great on stairs and furniture. Cleaning out the dirt holding tank is easy. The vacuum is a time saver.

Carey Gillilan (Enosburg Falls, US)
love love

I love my new backpack. After going through two vacuums each year, it stopped sucking and working. I went online and saw a bag less backpack vacuum. I did my research and I loved what I read and saw. I ordered mine and I ABSOULTLY LOVE IT. It does take a little getting used to it being on your back but after a little its like you don't notice it. And you are able to get into areas you couldn't with the other vacuums. IT comes with many accessories that are amazing. I also clean houses and I love that at the end I just go through the whole house and the cord is so long that I don't have to stop and change where its plugged in. LOVE this you wont be dissappointed.

Gerald Torres (Orlando, US)

Well the vacuum works pretty good strong but it's all plastic and it broke already the little plastic to lock the tank back onto the vacuum brokeclip