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Prolux CTX Water Filtration Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner w/ Prolux Storm Shampooer Kit

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Looking for a vacuum built in America with a LIFETIME warranty and amazing deep cleaning power? Want a vacuum that not only attacks dirt and allergens but uses UV light and Nano Silver technology to kill Mold, Bacteria and Viruses? Introducing the Prolux CTX Bagless Water Vacuum and Air Purifier!

The Prolux CTX is designed to deep clean your floors, couches and air by first deep cleaning your floors with its amazing 130 CFM 2 speed Itilian motor (most bagless vacuums only have 75 CFM of cleaning power). As it sucks up tons of stuff left by your old vacuum it exposes it to water, Nano Silver anti-bacterial tech, and 280nm of UV light! Leaving clean fresh air exiting your vacuum. After your floors and upholstery have been deep cleaned you can run the low speed Air Purifier Mode for quiet cleaning of your air. Use the Prolux CTX to improve your air and your health. 

WATER PICKUP & FILTRATION - The Prolux CTX uses water filtration which means you will never have to buy expensive bags and filters again. Spilled milk? No problem the Prolux CTX is designed to vacuum up wet spills. Want to shampoo carpets? Scrub your tile? No problem with the optional Prolux Storm shampooer and tile cleaner you can do it all. It also comes with the upholstery shampooer which allows you to shampoo your couches or upholstery.

QUALITY VACUUM MADE IN AMERICA - When was the last time you owned a QUALITY vacuum? Like something you can be pass onto your kids quality? Something you can feel proud of and know you're helping support jobs in the US? While most of the CTX parts come from companies in North America and is built by Prolux in the high mountains of Utah, the motor comes from Italy and the power nozzle comes Germany (we were simply looking for the absolute best quality parts available). Lifetime Warranty? Of course. Free Returns within 61 days including return shipping? No problem. We are that confident you'll absolutely love the Prolux CTX! When the Prolux CTX was designed we wanted you to look back years later and say "Wow I am so glad I bought this".

The Prolux Storm is a commercial grade self-contained carpet shampoo system that will offer professional results without professional costs!

  • Fits Prolux CTX Vacuums - This Prolux Storm shampoo system is designed to work with the Prolux CTX vacuum.
  • Compact & lightweight Perfect solution for quick and easy carpet shampooing.
  • Easily erase dirt  - This unit will knock out the dirt and grime on your carpets quickly and effectively.
  • Self Contained - Simply fill the tank with hot water and cleaning solution, flip the switch and your CTX vacuum will take care of the rest!
  • Floating Brush Roll - Floating brush roll moves up and down on its own moving to the required brush roll height for any job.
  • Any Surface - The Prolux Storm cleans exceptionally on carpet and hard floor surfaces alike.
  • Warranty - 2 Year Warranty on the entire unit.

Shipping & Returns

Free Shipping in Lower 48 states and 61 day hassle free returns!

Specs and Warranty


* Lifetime Warranty - Register your vac at no charge and you’re covered for the life of the vacuum, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!
* 2 Speed Italian Motor - High quality dual speed motor allows you to not only clean your floors, but also clean your air with the low speed air purification setting
* Built in America - Designed and built in America
* Bagless Water Filtration - 2 words, NO BAGS!! Never buy another bag again and get the best filter money can buy. Nothing filters better than water, so the CTX is great for pet owners and allergy sufferers
* Kills Viruses and Bacteria - Lab tested and proven Nano Silver water bowl lining and UV light kill both viruses and bacteria as they enter the water bowl. What does this mean? Nothing but clean fresh air coming back into your home
* Wet Pickup - Knock over a drink or have an accidental spill? No problem just use your wet pick up hose to suck up the spill and dump the bowl
* Optional Carpet Shampooer - Not only does the CTX vacuum and purify it can also be used as a carpet shampooer with the optional Prolux Storm shampooer
* Power Nozzle - German made Wessel Werk EBK360 is one of the best heads on the market. Many high end brands use the Wessel Werk style heads as their main head choice
* 17lbs
* 130 CFM (High Speed)
* Bagless/Filterless - 3 Stage of Filtration
* 30ft Cleaning Radius

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm. For more information, go to


Operating instructions & Manuals

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Dawn Bisser (Hampstead, US)
Prolux CTX

I love it !!! My house feels and smells so clean !!

Overall Performance

The Prolux CTX sweeper arrived and the power hose separated from the connecter after using it twice.
Customer service promptly sent out a new hose (A+++ rating) and after much effort I was able to get it to attach.
I can see these hoses cracking over time. The lifetime warranty will come in handy.
I have tried all the accessories that came with it and the flexible crevice tool stands out for cleaning clothes dryer vent and under the refrigerator.
The power head for carpet cleaning seems unbalanced. The back end of it lifts when pulling it back on a return swipe.
The flexibility to clean bare floors wet or dry and carpets (used it to remove stains in an area carpet) is wonderful AND it's made in the USA!
Overall, I enjoy using this sweeper and have no plans to return it.
The following are quality improvement suggestions that should take this from an overall decent sweeper to an AMAZING sweeper:
1. Change the material the hoses are made of. If the hoses were made of a rubberized flexible plastic they would last longer. The current hoses feel cheap and similar hoses on other products have cracked over time on me.
2. Design a better base to hold all the attachments...even if it's a bin.
3. The bristles on the powerhead are damaging to wool carpets (it ripped out so much fiber I am wondering what my carpets are going to look like in a few months). Perhaps using the same bristles as the bare floor attachment or something else less damaging to fiber.
4. The bare floor attachment for wet cleaning bare floors should have longer bristles to actually reach down into the grout.
5. The powerhead should be lower to fit under couches and better balanced to keep the back end of it on the floor during return swipes.
6. Include more pipes in the base package to reach 9 ft ceilings (most houses are being built with higher ceilings). Perhaps change the pipes from plastic to aluminum?
7. Include a catch strainer that can be lifted out of the water. This would remove long hairs and larger debris from the water so the dirty water can be emptied down a drain and the other debris can be dumped in the trash can.

N.C. (Ashburn, US)
Wow... Just Wow!

Like most people, I am always a little skeptical of any product that has seemingly unbelievable claims and I am not one to submit very many reviews. I figured I didn't have much to lose with the 90 day return policy and lifetime warranty. But the CTX vacuum is incredible, it simply is.

I started small, and vacuumed my mattress and ewww the dead skin was very obvious in the water. I then went big and vacuumed the living room carpet and even more ewww it looked like there was a dead rat floating in a mud puddle. This is the same carpet that is vacuumed every week day by a Roomba iRobot vacuum, once every weekend with a Shark stand-up vacuum, and with a Bissel carpet shampooer every 3 months or so. Just check out the pictures... ewww.

The drawbacks, minor as they may be, are: 1) The canister vacuum is much more cumbersome to move around while vacuuming. 2) It's a little bit of a pain to constantly change the water. 3) The power head is bigger than my current vacuum and doesn't fit under furniture as easily if at all. 4) tool holder isn't well thought out, tools are knocked off easily.

Kimberly New (Louisville, US)
Could improve

This is a powerful cleaner with great suction, but some parts are cheap for the price. Needs a cord reel, more than plastic on the vacuum to change height levels and very poor design to hold tools. Utilize some device in the vacuum pole for tools.

Kimberly thank you for the review :) I am not sure if you had a minute to read the owners manual but the on board tool storage is located on the wheel dolly (you can store up to 4 tools). Also, the power nozzle does come with a height adjuster. Just click the button on the right and it adjusts the height.

Also, do you know why we did not include a cord rewinder when we created the CTX? It is because those always fail over time. Normally they will last about 5 years and we build the CTX to last decades. I hope that helps :)

Jacki Dawson (Sioux Falls, US)

I got the vacuum in the mail about a week after ordering. I was super excited to receive it(it’s the little things in life) and upon opening and assembling it it wouldn’t turn on. The knob was broke off Inside and it didn’t have anything to turn. I emailed the company and they sent a replacement out for me right away. Once I received the second one I couldn’t believe how much it picked up for vacuuming and shampooing the carpet a week before. I also had issues with the shampooer not dispensing water and I am still waiting on that replacement.