Prolux Affiliate Program

Would you like to be a Prolux Affiliate?   Would you like to create content about your Prolux cleaner and make money?   Well we have some good news and some bad news :)

The good news is that we pay DOUBLE what our industry does but that bad news is we are very picky who we allow into our Affiliate program :)

Its true.   Amazon pays their affiliates 3%.   Most other vacuum brands only pay their affiliates 5%.   At Prolux we pay 10% PLUS FREE Product ($400 on average). 

Who are we looking for?   The type of affiliates we are looking for are people who can introduce our amazing products to the world.   We like people who create content.   People who post about our products, or write a blog, or make a video are great partners.   Here are a few examples of content that tends to do really well.   "The 5 things you never knew the Prolux CTX could do" or "How to clean your home in half the time" or "The top 5 best tile grout cleaners you can buy".   Content like this really helps people make good buying decisions and this is the kind of affiliates and content we love.

Who are we NOT looking for?  Unfortunately, there are a lot of "hustler" affiliates out there that do not create any value.   For example, people who are just coupon or discount sites or running ads or tricking people.   These people will automatically get blocked from joining our Affiliate program.

Interested?   It only takes a minute to sign up.   Just visit the link below to sign up for our Affiliate program and to learn more.   

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