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Prolux CV12000 Central Vacuum Power Unit with most powerful 2 speed motor and 25 Year Warranty!

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    • The New Prolux Central Vacuum System is one of the best central vacuum systems made! The Prolux Central Vacuum cleaner system improves the value of your home and the health of your family by using Micron and HEPA filtration to remove dirt and allergens from the air in your home. This unit has the industry leading Amtek 2 Stage by pass motor with a 10 year warranty that provides 150 CFM and is rated for 12000 sq. ft. which makes it one of the most powerful vacuums in the U.S.

    • This easy to mount package includes: An exhaust muffler to provide sound reduction, and mounting hardware (You will need to provide four screws to wall mount). This is the perfect answer for new homes that have been plumbed for central vacuums but are missing the unit or to replace your current unit.

    • Bag-less and Washable HEPA Filtration - The Prolux Central Vacuum System does not use bags but has 3 levels of filtration including micron and HEPA filtration. It has a 5+ gallon bag-less dirt chamber with viewing window.

  • The Prolux Central Vacuum Systems steel construction allows us to offer a 25 year limited manufacturer warranty on all steel body parts. 123
WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm. For more information, go to


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Specs and Warranty

  • Other Features - Powder Coated Steel Construction.  No wonder it comes with a 25 year Warranty on all steel body parts!  The Prolux Central Vacuum System also includes the garage vacuum port.  As Central Vacuums normally are mounted in the garage this extra port allows you to install a extra hose (also sold by Prolux) just for vacuuming your cars, garage or shop.  Not to forget about the External Muffler for quiet operation.  The user may also remove the external muffler if they wish to hook a hose up for blowing or inflating. 

Operating instructions & Manuals

Amtek 2 Stage Motor

The Amtek 2 Stage motor produces over an amazing 150 Cubic Feet per Minute of airflow. The Amtek motors are designed with a bypass system to ensure your vacuum last for decades to come. The CV12000 is rated for a home up to 12,000 square feet.


Bagless & Washable HEPA Filtration

The Prolux Central Vacuum System does not use bags but has 3 levels of filtration. It has the bagless dirt chamber (clear view window to know when its full), the washable Micron Pre Filter and then the Washable HEPA filter.


Features & Accessories

Not only does it include the quiet muffler system but it also includes the end pipe (you wont need this pipe if your pumping your air outside but it is included in case you are not) and a dual ports for easy installation. Mounting to your wall is super easy with included mounting bracket (you will just need to provide 4 screws).


Easily change the HEPA fabric disposable bag!

Prolux CV12000 Central Vacuum

Install in your home, garage or business to making cleaning easy!

The Prolux Central Vacuums 150 CFM supplies an ample amount of power to rip all the dirt and debris embedded in your carpet from every corner of your entire house! This durable stainless steel central vacuum system with quality powder coating is the answer to your vacuuming needs. Best of all, the HEPA filtration keeps all the dust removed inside your unit and out of your air!

  • Micron and HEPA filtration system
  • 150 CFM(Cubic Feet per Minute of AirFlow) of deep cleaning power at the unit
  • Amtek 2 Stage Motor
  • Quiet muffler system
  • Rated for a home up to 12,000 square feet
Prolux...Cleaning Reinvented!

At Prolux our Engineers design about 7 new models of cleaning appliances per year. Our mission at Prolux is to make your life easier. We know that no one likes to clean (well almost no one) & you want to get back to spending time with those you love! At Prolux we don't believe in making cheap disposable cleaners like most other vacuum companies. Instead our goal is for you to pull your cleaner out of your closet a decade from now and say "Wow I am so glad I bought this!".

  • USA Owned and Operated!
prolux central vacuum kit central vacuum central vacuum prolux central vacuum kit central vacuum central vacuum
Prolux CV12000 Central Vacuum Unit System - Black Prolux CV12000 Central Vacuum Unit System - Red Prolux CV12000 Central Vacuum Unit System - Blue Prolux CV12000 Central Vacuum Unit System & Hose Kit- Black Prolux CV12000 Central Vacuum Unit System & Hose Kit- Red Prolux CV12000 Central Vacuum Unit System & Hose Kit- Blue
Intended Use Household & Garage Household & Garage Household & Garage Household & Garage Household & Garage Household & Garage
Hose Length N/A N/A N/A 30 ft 30 ft 30 ft
CFM 150+ 150+ 150+ 150+ 150+ 150+
Storage Caddy X X X
HEPA Filtration

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Very Powerful

I got this about a month ago and I am very happy with my purchase. Installation was pretty easy since I was just replacing my old unit. I just had a little bit of trouble finding the right reducer pipe to connect to my existing pipes since the size of the central vacuum pipe is not very common so I ended up putting a seal around the reducer which worked great. Also, I had to buy the disconnects wire connectors for the low voltage wiring to attach it to the unit since it doesn’t have the clip ons that you just put the wires into. Overall, The suction is very powerful compared to my old unit. I prefer using this than my regular house vacuum since it picks up more dusts from our carpets.

J.K. (Olympia, US)
The good, the bad, the ugly!

Good, excellent replacement for our twenty-seven year old central vac which stopped working. All the piping and electrical connections fit great, both 120v and low voltage. Looks beautiful and runs much more quiet. I mean a huge difference. Suction is much stronger and cleans without having to go over and over the same area to get it clean. In a nutshell, I am thrilled with all that is good! It is almost like bringing home a new born baby!
Bad, when I first pluged it in, I was so excited to hear it run that I was patting myself on the back that at 79 years old I was able to accomplish this task! I thought wow, I will go inside and give it a try. That is when I learned the bad. I turned the switch off and it did not stop running. Knowing the motor would overheat without air cooling I had to unplug the power cord to make it stop. Now comes the ugly!
Ugly, I thought, no big deal just replace the bad switch. Because this company had given such fast and kind responses to my e-mails while purchasing it. All I needed to do was send an e-mail and it would be over. So I sent them e-mail but heard nothing. So I sent them a second and had no response, etc. The only phone number I can find for them is to sales. So welcome to the answering machine. "Leave your name and number and we will return your call shortly" which unfortunately goes no where. Now I am just calling every time I am near the phone in hopes that I will get lucky and someone will answer. Because I have played lottery since the beginning and have yet to win, I should give up! Instead, I thank them for keeping me moving. My doctor told me "Jack you have to keep moving, because if you stop, they are going to throw dirt on you". The process now if I need to vacuum is get the hose out and connected, then go out and down a couple of steps into the garage, take the trail to the other side, climb up a couple rungs on the ladder and plug the vacuum in, then down a couple of rungs, take the trail back to the steps, up a couple of steps into the house and connect whatever attachment I want to use and start vacuuming. When I need a break, go through this process to shut down to take a break. After rest when I think I want to get back to vacuuming go through this process again, and again, etc.. Thank you Prolux for keeping me moving while waiting for you to answer!!! Please, Jack!

Nicholas Farmer (Camas, US)
Finally a real vacuum…

Simply… we thought the vacuum came with dirt and sand in the brush head… nope! That’s what happens when you finally have a vacuum that can really remove the garbage under your carpet. The Dyson couldn’t cut it!

Walter Ferrell (Port Saint Lucie, US)
Great Vacuum

We purchased a Prolux central vacuum from Lowes and have been very happy with the purchase. It has more power and is quieter than the product we replaced. Very easy to install when replacing an existing unit.

David Means (Woodstock, US)
Works great; Love it; Quiet; Would buy again.

I have seven vac receptacles in my home, including one in the garage for cleaning the car. I replaced a piece of junk that we purchased after a house fire/rebuild in 2005. I have two vacuum hoses: one for the house, one for the garage.

My wife cleaned (vacuumed) our SUV in the garage while, inadvertently, the household vacuum hose was connected too. I was in a meeting at the time and couldn't disconnect it for her. She had no problems whatsoever with her task (ability or time-wise) but was pleasantly surprised when the suction began working better after I disconnected the household vacuum hose.

Installation was a snap. I replaced the existing mounting system on the wall (removed the old vacuum system) and followed the very clear instructions.

When I build a small shop, I'm thinking about installing one of these.

The only regret I have is not noticing the special code I could have used at checkout, which would have enabled me to get a cover for the household vacuum hose.