Blue Prolux Wet/Dry Garage Vacuum, Shampooer, Blower and Detailer

Blue Prolux Wet/Dry Garage Vacuum, Shampooer, Blower and Detailer

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    • Prolux Wet / Dry Garage Vacuum - This high end vacuum can handle all your vacuuming needs and uses a durable 12 amp motor that runs 123 CFM. The Prolux Garage Vacuum easily picks up dirt, sawdust, lint, water and much more and is safe to use on all floor surfaces when using the provided tools.

    • No Bags - The Prolux Garage Vacuum has a 5.88 gallon waste capacity with viewing window and full dirt bin indicator light. To ensure unit longevity Prolux has designed the Prolux Garage to automatically shut off when waste bin becomes full of water.

    • A Tool for Nearly Every Job - Floor Tool can be used on carpet and hard floor surfaces with the flip of a switch. Squeegee Tool is great for getting rid of water on all hard floor surfaces. Upholstery Tool works great on couches and car seats. Standard Crevice Tool and Detailing Crevice Tool to reach nearly any hard to reach area. Hand Held Sprayer / Shampooer can be used to spray, shampoo and wax your vehicle. Shampoo Extraction Tool included to put the finishing touches on your shampoo job. Two 18 inch extension wands and 3 different sized inflation / detailing tools can be used to inflate air mattresses and blow up pools or used to detail your car. Also includes a mini turbo nozzle with air driven brushroll that provides extra agitation to attack deep dirt and pet hair. The mini turbo nozzle can be used on your seats and floors.

    • Convenience - Includes a 32 foot high end crush proof hose as well as a wall mountable hose hanger and tool storage bag to keep your hose off of the floor and your tools organized in one area. Includes HEPA filter and an easily washed cloth filter that can last the lifetime of your machine. Attractive and durable construction allows Prolux to offer a 3 Year limited manufacturer warranty.

    • Specs - Unit Dimensions 12 x 13 x 31 inches, 12 amp motor, 123 CFM, 5.88 gallon dirt bucket, 32 foot hose, and 73 dB of sound produced.
WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm. For more information, go to

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    stevens, doug (Riverside, US)
    Great vacuum

    Love the long vac hose it’s also lite . It comes with so many attachments to use.

    Mitch Olson (New Richmond, US)
    This vacuum sucks!!

    So I haven’t had it long but I have used it a few times and I really like it. It has very good suction and the amount of tools you receive is great. One concern I had reading other reviews is how loud it was. I have to say, it’s not loud at all and is much quieter then my old shop vac. One improvement I would like to see is a better high quality hose. The hose works but a more quality hose would take this to the next level. I also expected the mount to more sturdy as it does rock in its cradle a bit. Overall, I am a happy customer.

    Ann Wagner (Estacada, US)
    vacuum quit no customer support

    Vacuum motor burned up within little over a year of normal use. Left e-mail to customer support and phone messages to prolux with no reply.
    Vac was great while it worked, but at 289.00 was not the cheapest wall mount vac to buy. I expected better.

    JOHN (Grand Island, US)
    Fantastic vacuum!

    I own 3 days and detail cars on the side from time to time. This vacuum is incredible! Plenty of suction, and plenty of attachments. The house is able to reach anywhere that I need in the garage. The blower feature works great for drying areas of the car that can't be reached with a towel. I would highly recommend this vacuum to any automotive enthusiast, or for someone who just likes a clean car and garage.

    Pam L (Largo, US)
    So Happy to have my Prolux!

    Ok, I admit it just arrived 2 days ago but I couldn't wait to unbox it and hang it up in my garage. My last garage vac was an inexpensive wall mounted shop vac which I thought had decent suction. It died after a somewhat long life. So this time around, now the owner of 2 cars not one, I wanted the best garage vacuum, dry and wet, that I could find. I had never heard of Prolux, I've had Electrolux vacuums in the past but never a Prolux. After all the reading, this one sounded like a winner.
    I need a vacuum with a lonnnng hose, plenty of suction and reliable tools for my cars, plus this Prolux hose reached my front porch! I've always used my blower for the garage and porch but now I can vacuum them OR blow them out. I also am Mom to two adorable blue merle Corgis and one outstanding Shepherd/American Bulldog mix. The hair that accumulates in the SUV is unbelievable and I did have an add on brushroll accessory for the old vac but Prolux actually gave me one for free and it works so much better for hair. My other car is 'my baby', an all black convertible, BMW Roadster, that never sees a car wash. I have set up a perfect car wash here, with deionized water filters, pressure washer, special drying towels, etc. You get the idea. I do baby her and black, shows EVERYTHING. I tried the Prolux on its black carpet, OMG, I can't believe how easy it was even with ground in stuff.

    I may never heard of Prolux before, but I will never forget them. When my current vacuum for the house goes out, I'll be back!